Frequently Asked Questions

How much does NoIndex & NoFollow Manager cost?

One month’s subscription to the full functionality of NoIndex & NoFollow Manager costs you only $1 USD. There’s also a 5 day free trial available to all users, with full functionality included, so you can see for yourself just how simple and effective it is without paying a penny.

What exactly does NoFollow & NoIndex Manager do?

NoFollow & NoIndex Manager allows you to set the NoIndex and NoFollow meta tags on any pages you like across your Shopify Store.

NoIndexing a page tells search engines not to bother remembering that particular page of your shop, so it won’t be added to the search engine’s index and show up on search results. This is handy if you’ve got duplicate content pages which might harm your ranking - like multiple instances of the same product split across various collections - or when there’s pages that the public don’t need to see, like employee-only pages.

NoFollowing a page tells search engines that any links from that page might potentially go to websites you can’t account for, and not to take them into consideration when deciding where to rank your site in search engine results. When a search engine’s crawler bot sees a link from your site, it follows it through and makes an assessment. If that destination site is poor-quality, then the search engine can think less of your site for linking to it, and your search results ranking can be adversely affected. NoFollowing a page essentially tells crawler bots “I’m not associated with links from here," and allows them to concentrate their attention on other areas of your site you consider more important.

These two simple functions together can help improve how your site is ranked by major search engines, improving your position in search results, and in turn, bringing you more business.

If you’d like to know more about NoFollow, NoIndex, and other aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we recommend the Beginner’s Guide to SEO, a free and comprehensive resource that’s a great introduction for newcomers and a valuable refresher for old hands.

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How do I install NoFollow & NoIndex Manager?

We’ve written a comprehensive installation guide that walks you through the simple process of setting up NoFollow & NoIndex manager, which you can find right here.

Do I have ro re-enter all my titles, descriptions and keywords?

No. We didn’t think that’d be much fun, and we didn’t think our users would either. There’s a tool within the app which lets you import your existing data for each product and page.

NoIndex & NoFollow Manager is great - but I want even more control!

That’s not a question, but we’re happy to say we’ve an answer all the same. The SEO & Social Meta Manager is exactly what you’re looking for. With integrated NoFollow & NoIndex meta tagging, page title and description editing, control over social sharing, Google+ Authorship markup and much, much more, it’s the ultimate SEO tool for Shopify - and it’s only $4 USD per month!