How To

How do i install NoFollow & NoIndex Manager?

1. Get Shopify store URL

The first thing you need to do is head over to the login page and put your Shopify URL in. You can find your URL by logging into the Shopify administration panel, it'll be in your browsers URL as shown below.

How to get Shopify shop URL

In the image above the shop URL is everything in between https:// and

Once you've got the your shop's URL name you need to put this into the login screen as shown below.

How to login to NoFollow & NoIndex

2. Accept and install

Next your need to accept and install the application. You'll come to a screen that looks like this:

Install NoFollow & NoIndex

All you need to do is click the install button and you'll be taken to the NoFollow & NoIndex administration panel.

4. Modify theme file

Next your just need to make an ammendment to your store theme files. Go back to the Shopify administration panel and look down the left, you should see 'Sales Channel'. You need to click your sales channel, this is usually called 'Online Store'. After clicking this you should see a screen like this:


Click on the 3 dots button then click 'Edit HTML/CSS' and then go to theme.liquid as shown below.

Edit your theme

Next you just need to paste in the following piece of code in between the <head></head> section. You can see the start of the <head> section at the top of the screenshot.

{% include '4dx_seo' %}

After that hit the save button located in the top right corner. That's it you're done!